Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weather Watching on Skype

Today in Science class Mrs. Ruddock's 5th grade homeroom was able to talk with a fifth grade class in Osawatomie, Kansas via Skype.  The students shared our current weather conditions first.  Here it is 51 degrees Fahrenheit and there it was 54.  Our average temperatures are very similar in that here our average for this time of year is 65 and theirs was 60.  

Then we had a question and answer session where the kids discussed everything from uniforms to favorite places to eat.  We learned that the windiest city in the United States is not Chicago like we thought but actually a city called Dodge City, Kansas.  Our students were curious about tornadoes in their area.  We found out that they have on average 111 tornadoes to come through their area and five years ago a bad tornado came through their area and destroyed many of their houses.  They were curious about our hurricanes and wondered if we experienced tsunamis here.  

Our favorite fact that we shared was about bar-b-cue.  Here in North Carolina we are famous for our pork bar-b-cue with a vinegar based sauce.  However in Kansas they are famous for beef bar-b-cue with a tomato based sauce.  Mrs. Ruddock's class suggested a bar-b-cue off to see who's was better!  We plan on talking again in the near future and expanding both our knowledge of weather and our knowledge of other locations and cultures!

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